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About The Box Business

We’re a creative bunch who love little more than devising better and more beautiful ways to box.

Good things come in great boxes

At The Box Business, we believe the best things come in personalised boxes, be they compact and cool cartons, large and loud shipping boxes, or anything in between.

Through our range of boxes, personalised to the colour and size you want, you can create a box that’s as exciting as what’s on the inside.

We’re the only New Zealand box company that allows short runs and personalised design. That frees you to design a bespoke box that speaks for your product, while protecting the environment and cutting your costs.

And we’re here for you. If you need help with anything from design to technical support, we’re a mouse click and keyboard tap away.

How can we do it all?

How can we offer all this creative freedom, top-notch design and easy-to-use technology?

Here’s where you can learn more about The Box Business.

Our story

We’re a creative bunch at The Box Business. We’ve designed literally hundreds of boxes for all colours of clients. That’s all well and good if you’ve a budget big enough to instruct a design company to develop just what you need.

But we thought, “What about the customers who don’t have a design budget but still need a box? And those who don’t want hundreds of boxes, but just a few?” That’s when we decided to use our talents and experience for good. That’s when we created The Box Business.

As a New Zealand company we understand New Zealanders. We know how to make boxes that fit your product and suit your customers.

In our studio

Our natural habitat is the creative studio. Our people can differentiate between mauve and magenta with their eyes closed, and speak in fonts like a foreign language.

You can rest assured our team will take your personalised designs and create bespoke boxes that sing your product’s praises while delivering them safely every time.

Our boxes are (state of the) art

Boxes seem simple, right? They’re just bits of card, tacked together with the prime function of delivering your goods? Au contraire.

Yes, we will make your boxes look great, but what about the box itself? Using our state of the art technology we design and cut your box to the millimetre, allowing it to fold and tuck itself smoothly around your products with minute precision. Our boxes don’t just convey your art – our boxes are art.

We care about our footprint

We believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to take care of the environment. That’s why all The Box Business boxes are made from quality corrugated cardboard from sustainably milled trees. But that’s only one tiny part of our sustainability story.